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Name: Mary


Our House hustle: Co-Founder, Creative Consultant, and Writing Wiz


Hometown: Athens, Georgia


Currently living in: Atlanta


Why did you decide to start/become involved with Our House? When my lovely friend Sheena called me about an idea she had to raise funds for the ACLU by creating apparel with socially conscious and cheeky messages, I immediately jumped at the chance to get involved with such cool and necessary work.


Words you live by: Life is a story. It’s full of chapters. And the beauty of life is not only do you get to choose how to interpret each chapter, but your interpretation writes the next chapter. - Kevin Hart


If a song played every time you walked into a room… No Diggity by Blackstreet or All You Need is Love by The Beatles. 


Which Our House collection particularly resonates with you? Good Trouble, because John Lewis is such a powerful and inspiring figure. I love the concept behind “Good Trouble” - it’s mischievous, encouraging, inviting, and damn important. The Sin Miedo collection is also really beautiful, and I love that one of our friends, who is herself an immigrant, came up with the concept!


Podcast you’re listening to right now: S Town (amazing human commentary), Super Soul Conversations (I adore Oprah), and My Favorite Murder (hilarious). Pod Save America is also a fantastic dive into politics.


Best party trick: Yoga’s not supposed to be about the ego, but it’s always fun busting out a headstand or arm balance!

I can’t say no to a good: Chocolate chip cookie. Yummmmm. And wine, always.