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How do I know what size to buy?!

Online stores can be scary, right? Luckily, we made a chart. Also, if you ever have any questions - just shoot us an email! 


Okay, so 100% of profits go to the ACLU? What does that actually mean? 

GOOD QUESTION. A healthy dose of skepticism is never a bad thing, especially these days. Here's the process from beginning to end:

We brainstorm and design all merchandise on Our House, but we don't actually manufacture and ship the pieces. We use Shopify as an e-commerce platform and Printful as our merch fulfillment company. Shopify charges us some site maintenance fees, and Printful takes a chunk for themselves. On top of these costs, we sometimes run promotions on Instagram or Facebook to boost awareness and sales. 

But that's it. Any and all profits from each piece goes towards the ACLU

Each quarter, we send these profits to the American Civil Liberties Union and pop a self-bought bottle of champs.

The woman power behind Our House all work for free. They hustle at their other full-time jobs and run Our House purely for the joy and satisfaction of giving back and creatively resisting during this ridiculous period of American history.

We do this work because we love it and because we care. You buy our stuff because you love it and because you care. It's a really beautiful thing - let's keep spreading the word!


How do you come up with designs?

We try to be as grassroots as possible. As three cisgender females, we fully acknowledge that we cannot and should not act as voices for various minority groups. We aim to be open and sensitive, and many of our designs are solicited from the community.

For example, a woman whose family immigrated from Colombia approached us with an idea for a shirt read "sin miedo" - we worked with her to ensure the message resonated, and the Sin Miedo collection was born. We constantly seek input for our designs - you can complete this form if you have any idea or suggestion!